Repairs – a complicated and laborious. To decide on it is extremely difficult even for those who have similar experience and sufficient resources. How to pick up materials for a modern design? Where to find professionals? And why should begin at all?

First you need to prepare a detailed estimate.

Then, to conclude a treaty with the performers. Most construction companies keep prices at retail and wholesale or retail and at the same time responsible for the quality. Procure and deliver their own disadvantage – in the first place, you are buying at a retail price, and secondly, spend time and nerves. Also, if you give your stuff, the company must raise the issue of guarantees for work carried out. For more on this, we were told in the article “How to Build a House”, which can be found on our website.

The peak of construction works is in July-August, and most firms appear shortage of manpower, time and break down rising prices. The most favorable time for repairs – the end of April beginning of May, because a couple of weeks it takes to find the company and approval of the design project. The main work will be completed before the “peak”, you will save money on building materials, having to seasonal rise in prices, will ensure the smooth operation and increased attention from the contractor. Obvious disadvantages of winter maintenance, are associated exclusively with technological problems.
So, where to begin repair work?

For older apartments is primarily demolition and dismantling of obsolete and partition walls, removal of the coating. This stage is one of the most polluted. If you save a nice parquet floor, think about how to save it. And to help ordinary plastic sheeting, topped with hardboard. In any case, you have to restore the parquet after repair, that is tsiklevat and varnish. If it has been repeatedly tsiklevali and thickness of the coating is small, it can not survive another operation to upgrade.

Another one of the most dusty works – replacement of window units and the device window slopes and sills. This should be done immediately, as in subsequent stages of dirt and dust are undesirable, and in painting the works in general can not open the windows. After installation, they should be packed in polyethylene film.

Next – installation of wiring. To ensure electrical safety and reliability of its paving within the metal pipes in walls or the floor. Tube protects against external damage and to replace the wire completely without opening the walls and floor.

The location of switches and sockets, and their number should be thought in advance. Typically, electrical wiring diagram included in the design project. Just install telephone and television cables. To avoid interference, the power cable should not be run together with a telephone and an antenna. This is especially necessary to take into account when laying cable television. To use the apartment for two or three TV sets, often to him, “reliable solder” in parallel a second cable, thereby reducing the resistance from 75 ohms to 37.5 ohms. Because of this, the image quality much worse. It is better to invite the expert – it will measure the signal level at each TV set or a branch, and the TV amplifiers, TV or filters.

Painting work begins only after the wiring to save time and run in parallel as possible in all areas. Delays associated with the technology: each blend layer of plaster must be completely dry. But the result stunning – completely smooth walls and ceilings make the room visually bigger, any coating – paint or wallpaper – is placed evenly, without bias, keeping the figure.

Work in the bathroom and kitchen along with a paint begins. First, welding, and wiring shtroblenie pipes in accordance with the plan of placing plumbing, hoses under radiators, valves and mounting brackets are installed, but not radiators. Wiring in the bathroom should always be grounded. Next, set tub, line the walls and laid tile. Then mount the ceiling and laying tiles on the floor. Other plumbing fixtures, faucets and accessories are installed in the end.

Upon completion of wiring, installation and Escutcheon raspaechnyh boxes is controlled tension at all points. Cable ends are isolated and placed in the Escutcheon. At this stage, sockets and switches are not set in order to maintain their marketability. Shpaklyuyut parallel walls. To meet the precise process control for drying the layer of plaster, apply Moisture.

The next step – screed floor. It can perform a variety of material – from the usual masonry cement-sand mixture to a self-leveling floors. Plus a simple mix – low price, minus – bad attain to the level of the horizon and for a long time does not dry (40 days). Bulk self-leveling flooring is more expensive, but is aligned almost automatically: the grout mixture, spreading, gives a flat horizontal surface. Drying time – 15 days.

After that, installed door frames and doors, taking into account the thickness of the future of flooring. Door after installation can be removed from their hinges and removed during the repairs, it is packed in polyethylene film. In parallel, painted ceilings and the tile is placed on the dried screed.

Completion of the device depends on the floor of the planned coverage. In most cases, screed covered with bitumen mastic and covered with plywood sheets (giving additional heat and sound insulation), attracting them to the floor with screws. To ensure tight mounting and long life one sheet of plywood fastened to the 30-50 screws. After that, stick the wallpaper before painting.

In rooms where the laminate flooring or parquet boards, primarily bonded ordinary wallpaper (not painted). Then carry out installation of floor covering. If Parquet, it is placed first, tsiklyuyut and cover a layer of lacquer. Wallpaper glue routine, and then re-varnished. This sequence is associated exclusively with the scraping, in which produce large quantities of caustic dust and stubborn.

Major work is complete. It remains to establish moldings, trim, decorative elements, switches, sockets, curtain rods …

We wish to make as little mistakes in carrying out repairs and to warn against the error of his friends and negligent contractors! If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.